The HDO rack can be installed into a 19-inch cabin and has a depth of 440 mm. The chassis can be daisy-chained for redundancy and load sharing to protect against power supply failures. There is no limit on the number of power supplies in one chassis, and the powering of the platform can be performed using either a distributed or a centralised approach.



The HDO platform has one of the highest densities in the market, and it fits perfectly in limited spaces employing a 19-inch rack of 2RU height, with 12 universal slots for high-density modules. Smart cooling implementation makes it possible to install the racks without any space between them.

Centralised and distributed powering

Using a distributed approach, a power supply unit in each chassis in the system provides power to the other modules in the same chassis. The active and precise load sharing inside and between the different HDO frames performs accurately and reliably. A centralised powering approach can be applied equally well to allow full module slot utilisation.